To us, insurance is

more than just an annual discussion.


We are independent commercial insurance brokers for businesses and executives. Ongoing engagement with our clients helps to understand their business risks and mitigate against potential exposures. 


About us.

Talisman S.à.r.l. is an independent commercial insurance broker, based in Luxembourg. We provide EU-compliant insurance solutions for commercial entities and business executives.


Supervised by the Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA), the Talisman team has decades of insurance expertise, in local and international insurance markets.


We offer tailored insurance programmes for clients who may have exposures in single or multiple territories. We particularly enjoy supporting clients with complex or unusual insurance needs.

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We would be delighted to

discuss your needs.

Talisman S.à.r.l.
2, rue de la Reine
L-2418 Luxembourg

t: 262 03241

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